Background info

The rainfall in Postbridge was already being recorded and published in the monthly "Parish Link" magazine when we came to live in the village.
After several years, the people doing the recording moved from the village and we thought it would be a shame if the feature was lost. We contacted the Environment Agency and they came to check our site and set up the new rain gauge. Since then, we have recorded the rainfall every morning and once a month we send the information to the Environment Agency and the Parish Link magazine.

All measurements are recorded in millimetres, but a conversion to inches is there for us old ones!

Gully days!

Definition: "holm" (hõm) n, islet, esp. in river, surrounded by water, sometimes submerged in time of flood (!!!)

There is a deep storm gully around Fairholm and "gully days" are days when it runs with water - it does this under two conditions:

  1. If the ground is dry & hard and we get a storm, the rain runs off because it can't soak in fast enough. This is more likely to happen in the summer months.

  2. If the ground is already saturated and we get more heavy rain, the rain just runs off because the peat can't absorb any more.

The second case is the more usual one. The flow varies from a mere trickle to wild & furious.

We started recording gully days when we realised that it gave us a fair indication of the saturation of the soil and therefore the state of the well, without having to lift the cover and peer down into it.

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